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During these sessions, students have the opportunity to learn about and practise all aspects of photography.

Instruction in the use of different types of camera is given on an individual basis. We are also fortunate to have input from members of the Canterbury Photographic Society for some of our sessions.

On the days we work indoors, students learn about the theory of photography, including light and its effect on images, composition, basic and advanced camera settings and artificial lighting, as well as different types of photography. One day a week we are able to use a room as a small studio, complete with a light table and light box. Students also have access to a range of online resources.

On fine days, we may go for a walk in the local area to practise our landscape and nature photography. Our rural setting offers endless photographic opportunities. Walks can be as far as six miles, depending on the ability of the students in each group. We may also travel further afield to broaden the students’ experience.

The group has recently started to work alongside other courses to promote the work they do and support projects which they may undertake.
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